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Horváth és Lukács Lovas Club

General Terms and Conditions


  1. Preamble

I.I.   Our general terms and conditions aim to create a contractual relationship between you and our riding club (Horváth és Lukács Lovas Club, address: H-9491 Hidegség, Ilona Major 067/2. Hrsz., VATNr .: 18538902-1-08, represented by: Mag. Ágnes Horváth management, hereinafter referred to as the “riding club”) in case of donation in a binding and fair manner. The basis of a donation and a contract are therefore always the following general terms and conditions of the riding club and, in parallel, the data protection declaration provided, which you acknowledge, accept and confirm with a donation.


I.II.  Our riding club uses all the donations received to support equestrian talents. Horses and riders too. Our aim is to improve the accessibility to high-quality sport and promoting the corresponding transfer of knowledge among the various participants. With our initiative we try to counteract the rapidly increasing costs of equestrian sport and to increase the attractiveness of equestrian sport, especially dressage. We aspire to offer many horses and riders the necessary resources to develop and reach their true, full potential. As part of our initiative, we create dressage scholarships and depending on the amount of funding we organize free funded dressage courses, clinics and programs several times a year.


I.III. The riding club has created a website for collecting donations under the following URL, which is continuously managed by the riding club: donate.horvath-lukacs.com (hereinafter: the website). When the donation is being received, an external technology and financial service provider is involved and fulfils the commissioning (the information provided under III.IV.), so that the riding club does not collect and save any bank card or bank account data.


I.IV. Donations can also be made via direct bank transfer. In this case, the amount can be determined by the donor and may differ from the amount offered on the website. Donations in other forms that have been clarified in advance can be extraordinarily agreed by the contracting parties. Please send inquiries in this regard to agi@horvath-lukacs.hu.


I.V. This is a current short version of the general terms and conditions, which is available in three languages. The detailed terms and conditions are only available in Hungarian, and are exclusively the guiding and prevailing principles and can be requested by the user via email. If desired, the detailed version can be sent in all three languages. The possible contract languages are Hungarian, German and English, so that the full text of the general terms and conditions is also available in three languages.


  1. Conclusion of contract

II.I. With acceptance of these general terms and conditions and within the framework of this donation contract, the donor makes a financial donation (in monetary form) towards the riding club, which is met in the specified amount at the expense of the donor’s assets in order to support the above-mentioned goals of the riding club .


II.II. With a donation, the donor declares that he / she is a natural or legal person and is not restricted in their ability to act or, if their ability to act is restricted for any reason, the limitation does not affect the ability to make the donation, or own the required consent and / or commitment in the case.


III. Subject and content of the contract

III.I. The donations support the riding club in achieving the goals described above.


III.II. It is possible to support the riding club in addition to the automatically offered donation sums offered by the website, once or several times with a donation of any amount. The payment method direct bank transfer can be selected for this.


III.III. The riding club undertakes to inform the donor about the total use of the donations received upon request. To do this, the recipient must subscribe to our newsletter. In addition, the riding club publishes a public report on its activities at least once a calendar year, in particular on the use of the donations.


III.IV. Payment methods


III.IV.a, The donation can be made using the integrated payment method offered by the website, which is secured by technology from the financial services provider Stripe, Inc., 354 Oyster Point Boulevard, South San Francisco, California, 94080, USA. The type and purpose of data processing by the processor can be found directly in Stripe Inc.’s data protection declaration under the following link: https://stripe.com/en-en/privacy-center/legal#contact-us).


III.IV.b, Donations can also be made via direct bank transfer.


III.IV.c, Donations can be made in a way that is not described in detail in these terms and conditions; in this case, an exclusive agreement between the donor and the riding club will be applied.


  1. Legal nature of the donation

IV.I. A donation is not considered as a public interest donation.

IV.II. The donation does not constitute a paid delivery of goods or services nationally, so that the riding club is not obliged to issue an invoice.


  1. Data management, data protection, data security

V.I. The process and rules of data management and the related issues of data security are disclosed in the data protection declaration of the riding club published on the website.


  1. Termination and cancellation of the donation contract

VI.I. a, In the case of a one-time, occasional donation, the donation contract ends or is fulfilled when the donation arrives.


VI.I. b, In the case of regular recurring donations (e.g. monthly), this donation contract is valid for an indefinite period. The donor has the right to cancel this donation contract at any time with immediate effect and without giving reasons by clicking on the “Delete Product” button in the Stripe Dashboard. It is also possible to unsubscribe by direct email or by sending a written request to the riding club. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised with regard to the donation that has already been made.


VI.II. The riding club reserves the right to change these terms and conditions anytime without prejudice to the purpose. The riding club informs the donor of all current changes on the website.


VII. Resignation of reclaiming the donation

VII.I. By making the donation, the donor expressly, unconditionally and irrevocably waives the possibility of reclaiming the donation under any legal title.


VIII. Recurring payments

VIII.I. Recurring credit card payments (e.g. if you choose to donate monthly) are a function of Stripe Inc.’s credit card acceptance, which means that the credit card information provided by the donor during the registration transaction can be used to initiate further recurring donations in the future without re-entering. By accepting this declaration on the use of recurring payments, you agree that, after a successful registration transaction on this website (https://donate.horvath-lukacs.com), subsequent payments can be made by the recipient without having to re-enter your credit card information and You consent to these transactions. The selected amount is deducted once a month for a maximum of 2 years in favour of the Horváth and Lukács Riding Club via the Stripe Inc. system. Attention (!): Credit card details are handled according to the rules of the card company. Recurring payment transactions that are incorrectly or illegally initiated by the beneficiary are the direct responsibility of the beneficiary and any claim against the beneficiary’s payment service provider (Stripe, Inc.) is excluded.


I have read the general terms and conditions and understand and accept their content.


  1. Final provision

IX.I. In matters that are not regulated in these general terms and conditions, the provisions of Act V. of 2013 on the Civil Code of Hungary apply.


  1. Dezember 2021.


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